How To Buy Wholesale Import from China

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Importing goods from China can be a lucrative endeavor for a corporation or non-profit entity. Whether you are buying existing goods from china, attempting to get a new product idea manufactured there, or looking to source goods from China that you can use to fund raise for your non-profit, the risks remain great.

The steps involved in learning how to get into import export, how to be an importer, how to wholesale and just plain how to buy from China in general can be summarized as follows:

1. Market Research
2. Finding Suppliers
3. Vetting Suppliers
4. The Order and Negotiation Process
5. Logistics and Customs

Then rinse and repeat.

From a non-profit's point of view, fundraising products that somehow tie into the mission of your organization will be more likely to resonate with donors and others passionate about your cause. This equals more product sold and more money in the bank. For instance, if you aim to rally support around protecting the environment and reducing the presence of plastic in landfills, selling metallic water bottles that are private-labeled with your organization's insignia would make much more sense than simply trying to peddle t-shirts or frisbees.

Detailed instructions for each step are beyond the scope of a blog post. For more detailed information, I recommend an information product such as How To Import Kit.