Building a Brand: Automotive Enthusiast Lifestyle Case Study

Building and maintaining a brand is a difficult and time consuming process. In today's digitally connected world there are tons of tools and methods you can use to maintain a cohesive brand image and communicate your brand values to your customers. We can look at this brand for car lover accessories as a quick case study.

Be Clear on What You Are About

JHULEN shares how their story will appeal to car tuner keychain and JDM t shirt fans of all types through an easy to find Story page, and then reinforces the lifestyle the brand represents through the types of content shared through other mediums.

Promote Content that Links to the Lifestyle, Not Just the Brand

In order to attract and build relationships with all types of auto enthusiasts from JDM fanatics to tuners to American muscle aficionados to those obsessed with exotic cars and the autox autocross scene, JHULEN shares content that appeals to these segments that in no way ties back to their own products. By sharing interesting content, the company is indirectly building mental links between the lifestyle this content emulates and the brand itself.

Build Trust Through Distribution

In order to build further trust in the brand JHULEN distributes certain signature products including the because racecar keychain via Amazon and various brick and mortar establishments. These associations help the consumer to link the trust they have in these established distribution channels with the brand itself.